Class of '63 Photo

First Row: Paul and Barbara Huby Klopfenstein, Bob and Carolyn Willyoung Ballard,Al Stokesbury, Bob
Second Row: Leon Martin and Gary Reed, Polly Bailey Gorrell, Lianne Thompson,Dick Ernsberger,
George and Diane Beck Silica
Third Row: Marilyn Harper DeRoover and Bill DeRoover;  Dennis and Jackie Doane Bailey, Rich Mull, Tom
and Julie Adcock Kinsey-Walsh Kathleen Vida Schumacher, Mike Bartlett
Bottom Row: Earl Mosher; Judy Spurway McBride; Honored Guests: Mr. Bill Allen, Ms. Ellie Doersam and
Ms. Michelena DeRose and Mr. Don Johnson on the right
Planners for the Class of '63 will continue hosting an annual Summer
Party the third Saturday each August in the Lansing area. Please SAVE
THIS DAY and join us  when you are in Lansing!
The Summer Party of 2018 celebrating the 55th
Anniversary of the class of '63
Alumni as a group have been offered 15 re-connect opportunities since our
June 13, 1963  graduation:
1968 – 5 Year Reunion – Dines, Lansing                      1973 - 10 Year Reunion – Country House Okemos
1983 – 20 Year Reunion – Holiday Inn West   1988 – 25 Year Reunion– Holiday Inn South
2008 – 45 Year Reunion – Holiday Inn South                2009 – Tony M's Restaurant – 1st summer party
2010-12 – Summer Party at Polly Gorrells                    2013 – 50th Reunion – University Club 0f MSU,
2014 – Summer Party Coral Gables                                2015 -  Summer Party at Fireside Grill
2016, 2017 – Summer Party Tony M’s Restaurant                
2018 - 55th Celebration – Tony M’s Restaurant, Lansing
2019 Summer Party at Tony M's, Lansing August 17, 1pm
*****An updated class book was published in 1988, 2008 and 2013. Photo directory in 1988.
Fiftieth Anniversary of LEHS Class of 1963
August 2013
1-Debbie Keel Hansen,
Marilyn Penner Beard, Polly
Bailey Gorrell, Bruce and
Nancy Winkler
2-Debbie, Bruce, Marilyn
and Carol Johnson
Brown       3-Art Shank and
Maureen Shank
1- Pam Jones Rousseau
and Jim with Judy.
2- Mike Eliasohn with
Barry and Carol Johnson
3-Randy Salisbury,
Heather Rydahl McGinnis,
Marty Bobrovsky Smith,
Ida Hyde Salisbury
Remembering the
45th and
celebrating the
Doug Lounsbury, Toni Lozano Gracia, Phillip
Quintella, Linda Green Massey, Ernie Garcia, Mary
Quintella Dave and Heather Rydahl McGinnis, Bob
and Pat Christensen
Sue Mary Cole, Ida Hyde Salisbury, Randy
Salisbury, Jim and Pam Jones Rousseau, Dave
and Heather Rydahl McGinnis, Marilyn Penner
Gathering around the tables!
Barry Brown, Mary Schmitt, Tony
(behind the paper), Candy Largent
Womble, Nancy Winkler
Marti Danner Croley, Kathy Lynch
DeBrabander, Linnea Aspgren Arksey,
judy Potter Elliston, Lura Sue Dye
Diane and Michael Pierce, Michael and
Penelope Godfrey McNitt, Bill and
Marilyn Harper DeRoover, Jim and
Nancy Driscoll
Reconnecting, Reminiscence Time
These events, while requiring paid reservations, would still not have occurred in the fashion they
did, without repeated generous donations from many of our alumni.  These donations also allowed
for two donations in support of LEHS - scholarships in 2008 and in support of the 90th Birthday of
LEHS in 2018. Your continued support has been deeply appreciated.        Thank you.
Left - Bud Brown, Dennis Womble,
Bob Goff, Skip and Marti Danner Croley
Photos taken by James Blair. Thanks!
Jim Driscoll with Skip and Marti Danner
Polly Bailey Gorrell with Sue Mary Cole and
Joyce Kronk Dryer
Bruce Winkler and Barry Brown
Joann Schaub Moody
Linda Greene Massey
Diane and Jim Pierce
Joyce Kronk Dryer with Art and
Mayreen Shank
Bev Hill Uschuk
Polly Bailey Gorrell
Marilyn Penner Beard and Char
Myers Brown
Marti Bobrovsky Smith and
Dennis Womble
chattin' and laughin'
Lura Sue Dye Grossman
Bud Brown, Dennis Womble, Bob Goff,
Skip and Marti Danner Croley
more catching up!
Debbie Keel Hansen and
Joann Schaub Moody
Ernie and Toni Lozano Garcia
Michael and Penelope Godfrey
Tony and Mary Schmitt
Connie Artibee Hamilton with Jerry and
Ronniie Quimby Petersen and Don Smith
Pat and Bob Christensen
Bill and Marilyn Harper DeRoover
Thanks to all who
joined in making for a
fun  Party!
Kathy Lynch DeBrabander
Jerry and Ronnie Quimby Petersen
with Heather Rydahl McGinnis