Assistance is needed to locate or verify    
current address information for the   
classmates  listed below.
We have unconfirmed addresses for some classmates and need
to have them verified. We have no information on most of those
listed and need your help.
Current contact information - postal
and email addresses - may be sent to us by emailing direct to or
to Judy on Facebook - Judy Quaker Elliston
* If you find your name here and are receiving mailings and
emailings from the committee - oops!, please let us know
In addition to locating those listed below, we are also attempting
to compile an accurate list of Class of '63 graduates. Please
notify us if you know of someone not receiving class mailings or
whom you suspect is not on the list.
Thanks for your assistance.
L.E.H.S. Class of 1963
Alumni the Committee has no
contact information on.
Date of Last Update   6/20
Acker, Patricia                 Adams, Charlene               Ayling, Terry                           
Alexander, John              Allen, Sandy                       Ayers, Mary
Alexander, Merton          Ayers, Evelyn
Belcher, Rosilee             Brock, Michael                    Bartlett, Michael
Burgess, Phillip               Bailey, Thomas                  Bayle, Bonnie
Beach, Thomas               Brooks, Bruce                    Burgess, Sandra
Blankenberg, Linda        Burgess, Patricia                Burleson, Lesta
Burt, Dennis                    Brovold, Sue                       Barnes, Judy
Borghi, Dorinda
Cooper, Lester                Chambers, Jill                    Cashman, Shirley
Culp, Caroline                 Conarton, Janice                Casey, Sharon
Courser, Melvin              Crutcher, Robert                Cleeves, Pam
Donohue, Sally                Deah, Leah                         Doerr, Sharon                     
Dennis, Sue                     Davis, Mildred
Elias, Berta                       Ethington, Clyde  
Hayes, Mary Ann
Hock, Ronald
Hollandsworth, Gerald
Hodges, Millard
Horner, Patrick
Henderson, Ray
Houseman, Barb
Hasjimsum, Rosie
Hagerman, Elaine
Hamilton, Laura
Hill, Marion

Jacobs, James
Jackson, Wilbert
Jackson, Ruth Ann
Jury, Larry
Jury, Lloyd
Karr, Floyd
Knowland, Bonnie
Keel, Linda
Konieczny, Karen
Keep, Charles

Lowman, Sandra
Lunde, Trudie
Lagios, James
Lincoln, Bonny
Lopez, Jose
Larabee, Robert
Lloyd, Eddie
Lehman, Gary
Little, Roger
Lundenburg, Jay

Morris, Phillip
Murray, Suzanne
Mayes, Clinton
Meyers, Ernest
McDaniel, Dale
Miner, Samuel
Morris, Rebecca
McKimmy, Ruth
Madden, Darold
McIntyre, Rollon
McClouth Diane
Murphy, Michael

Nasser, Mary Ann
Nelson, Vickie

Orel, James
Obenauer, Muriel
Osterhout, Sharon
Pettit, Bill

Redfern, Robin
Ruiz, Roberto
Rose, Sarah
Richmond, Shirley
Reid, John

Sessions, David
Sawyer, Laurie
Sinclair, Raymond
Stewart, Michael
Shulnburg, Bonnie
Santana, Evelyn
Siegrist, Robert
Simmons, Joann
Schroeger, Susan
Schmidtchen, Vicki
Smith, J. D.
Smith, James
Schimberg, Joyce
Sproul, Nancy
Smith, Tommie
Sible, Sharon
Smith, Patricia
Stoney, Thomas

Taylor, Judy
Toet, William

Villareal, Connie
Vincent, Vicki
Velasquez, Juan
Vandecar, Doug
Wicke, Larry                             Weeks, Donald
Westlund, Jack                        Wright, John
Waldron, Rodney                    Walker, Vickkie
Wilkins, Rod                             Wagner, Bill
Fralick, Iris
Fulgham, Charles
Fauson, Nikki
Frank, Albert
Franco, Joe
Fulkerson, Elmer
Fulger, Larry
Foster, Michael

Green, Robert
Garner, Gary
Graham, Bill
Goodrich, Laverne
Geyer, James
Graham, Charles
Greene, Damond
Gleason, James
Galloway, Paul