Here's to you!    Here's to me!
 Here's to the         
Class of '63"!!

The thirty fifth graduating class of  Eastern High School in Lansing, Michigan
graduated June 13, 1963 in the Lansing Civic Auditorium.

In the FIFTY + years since that eventful day, classmates have traveled far and
wide experiencing life through continued education; military service; marriage;
and for some, divorce; births of children, grandchildren and even great-
grandchildren; a wide range of careers  and many are now embarking on

Throughout the years, classmates have gathered for reunions at intervals of
five, ten, twenty, twenty-five, forty-five and most recently, FIFTY years.

In between years, the class of '63 planning committee hosts an
event on the
third Saturday each August for all Class of '63 grads - details are announced
in June yearly on facebook, via email and to home addresses for those who
request this service.

Some Lansing area former classmates get together
monthly for lunch - fourth
at the Flap Jack Shack on Waverly Road in Lansing at 12:30PM - If
you are in the Lansing area, please stop in. Due to individual availability, this
group's make-up changes each month - everyone is welcome!

Some alumni meet for lunch each
winter in Florida - Date, Location and
Time announced on this site, on Facebook, via email and, for those who request,
mailings to their home address.

ALL events are posted on this site, on Facebook (Quakers sixtythree Lansing
Eastern) and through email to classmates whose email addresses are on file.
Send in your email to stay informed! Please notify us also if you wish to receive
all communications at your home address.

Over one hundred classmates whereabouts are still unknown to the planning
committee. Please take time to check out the list of "Missing" classmates.
If you can help locate anyone, please contact us through this site.

                         ~ Thank you. ~
                    Where the Class of 1963 is today

In spite of the classmates we do not have addresses for,  we do know that
classmates live twenty eight states and three countries. The majority of alumni
still live in Michigan. Other states popular with the Class of '63 are: California,
Colorado, Florida, Oregon and Texas ....and in winter months, Florida and
Eastern High Fight Song

Over hill, over dale,
we will hit the dusty trail,
as those Quakers go marching along.

Up and down, in and out,
Counter march and left about,
as those Quakers go marching along.

So it's hi-hi-hee,
And it's Eastern High for me,
Shout out your numbers loud and strong.

For where 'ere we go, You will always know,
That those Quakers go marching along.