the planning committee

The Coordinating Committee for the Class of '63
has met since August 2007 for the purpose of planning the  45th and
50th Class Reunions along with the annual summer parties. The group
also maintains a website, a presence on FaceBook and publishes annual
information to alumni.
                                Committee members - Past and Present - are:
Bob Christensen          Tony Schmitt      Barry and Carol Johnson Brown   
Pam Jones Rousseau    Judy Potter Elliston            Charla Myers Brown
Rich Mull            Dennis and Candy Largent Womble      Bruce  Winkler  
Carol Brumbaugh Nequette   Bev Hill Uschuk            Polly Bailey Gorrell  
Pat Mitchell Karns         Carolyn Willyoung Ballard           Bob Goff
Ida Hyde Salisbury    Skip and Marti Danner Croley     Doug Lounsbury
There were many instrumental in the success of the 45th reunion - and
the subsequent Summer Parties of '09, '10, '11, '12 & '14 and '15, '16, '17
along with the 50th Reunion in 2013.

Our sincere thanks to these classmates and to all who
Future events and requests for help with these events will be posted
on this site.

At this time, planners are continuing to plan for an annual mid-summer
party or luncheon and will also continue to host this website. Future
newsletters and event promotion will appear on the site and will be
sent by email to those whose email addresses we have at the time.
Please keep us updated on your email address..and notify us when
you change addresses. Alumni wishing to receive communications
through the postal service should let us know that preference.

STAY IN TOUCH!                                         VISIT US OFTEN!